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Social Justice Day Celebration

This February 14th, Upper School students at Quad Prep celebrated Social Justice Day; an international holiday that recognizes the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion, and unemployment. International organizations make statements on the importance of social justice for the people. Social Justice Day in Quad Prep’s Upper School was recognized with an oratory festival, organized by Sophia Weissmann, English Department Head Teacher.

"[The event] created a space for students to express their thoughts, opinions, and arguments on social justice topics of their choosing," said Weissmann.

After, Weissmann introduced the event, its expectations, and the student speakers, as well as their topics students covered topics such as housing, net neutrality, and racism, including online racism and injustice in our virtual space. Students and attending staff members then took a quick snack break and continued on to the second half of the forum, which covered topics such as gun control, animal products, and special education for all.

In their speeches, students addressed the question,

"What is one way we could make our society more equal and just?”

Speakers displayed genuine interest and extensive research into their topics. The event wrapped up with more snacks and sweets!

"Student attendees were encouraging, understanding, and supportive of each other," said Weissmann.

Staff attendees described the speeches and atmosphere of the forum as passionate, informative, and truly inspiring!

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