Our Upper School program provides academic and psychosocial learning for students in grades 6 through 12, differentiated to meet the developmental needs of our middle school and high school students. In the first year of the Upper School, specific emphasis is placed on the transition to middle school and the development of executive functioning skills including problem solving and social-emotional regulation in order to prepare students for increased academic and social demands. As students progress through High School, greater emphasis is placed on domain-specific and experiential learning, self-awareness, self-advocacy, as well as transition and future planning. These skills are tailored to each individual students’ strengths via a combination of collaborative learning groups and individual sessions. Our full-service transitional program for grades 6-12, titled Cloverleaf, works in collaboration with our Talent Development and College Counseling departments to provide a real-world context for experiential learning and post-secondary planning.


Students are provided with appropriate instructional levels for each academic subject based on assessments in each area, rather than on the traditional “grade level” followed in traditional schools. Academic classes meet three times a week for seminar and once a week for individual instruction, which allows for a true personalized learning plan that accelerates or modifies the pace of the curriculum to meet the specific needs of the student. This allows students to fill in learning gaps or pursue special interests while raising the achievement bar.