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Mission Statement

The Quad Preparatory School transforms the lives of twice-exceptional people – those who are gifted and learn differently – by redefining the experience of school.


Our personalized model fully integrates social and emotional learning with challenging academics, empowering our students to rise to the level of their extraordinary talents.


Through our innovative programs we are leading a larger movement in service of both twice-exceptional people and society at large.

Quad Prep Values

Quad Prep is a kind and joyful learning community where everyone is celebrated for who they are. 


We ignite students’ strengths and passions and allow for safe academic pursuit at the highest levels by learning from mistakes. 

We are trustworthy and steadfast, and our high academic expectations challenge students to grow uniquely as people and in the way they learn. 

We widen our students’ perspectives, giving them the tools to know themselves and find success in the future of their choosing. 

We never give up on each other and are driven by the ethos of “not if, but how.”

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Quad Prep has been committed since its founding to growing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community for all.

We came together as a school to collaboratively develop a DEI mission statement that puts into words these longstanding shared values, and every day, we bring these values to life in our Quad Prep community.

As Quad Prep is rooted in the community of New York City, we commit, as a matter of justice and equity, that we shall work toward enrolling a student body and employing a staff that fully reflects the makeup of our community.
Education at Quad Prep is rooted in the idea that our neurodiverse students are to be proudly celebrated for their unique talents and potential, we commit that the whole self of every individual student, parent, and staff member shall be welcomed, valued, included, and treated always with the deepest respect and empathy.
And, as at Quad Prep our community is a single fabric supporting the development of all, we commit that every student shall benefit from the richness of the backgrounds and experiences that make up that fabric, so that they leave Quad fully prepared to engage with the exciting and wonderful diversity of this world.

June 1, 2020 from Dr. Kim Busi, Founder and Head of School

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