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At Quad Prep, twice-exceptional students experience the joy of learning and rise to their full gifts. Twice-exceptional students are unique and dynamic thinkers: exceptional both in their intellectual gifts and in their neurodiversity. We celebrate our students’ unique strengths — their curiosity and strong interests, their innovation, creativity, intellectualism, and enthusiasm. We also offer them steady, expert support in areas such as executive functioning and social cognition so that they can develop the skills and tools they need to thrive — not only at Quad Prep, but also in their lives beyond.


 A not-for-profit independent college preparatory school, Quad Prep’s rich and robust curriculum engages, challenges, and inspires students at all levels, K–12, through our Lower School and Upper School programs.


Our Approach to Learning


Our students’ learning experience is personalized and collaborative, rich and engaging. Immersive classroom experiences allow students to dive deeply into areas of interest and discover new passions. Our rigorous curriculum invites them to bring their full intellectual curiosities and gifts to bear as they excavate complex ideas and concepts; experiment, discuss, and debate; innovate new solutions — and inventions; and discover their voices and express their perspectives.


We believe that twice-exceptional students are uniquely poised to make an impact on the world. They are our future innovators and inventors, our future leaders and change-makers. Our approach to learning ignites their curiosity, rigor, and engagement.


Integrated Social and Emotional Learning

We purposefully and meaningfully integrate academic, social, and emotional learning — in our classrooms, our curriculum, and our collaborative cross-disciplinary teaching teams. This approach allows our students to grow in their social and emotional cognition and to deepen their understanding and perspective in their academic work.


Personalized Learning

In each division, we pair collaborative classroom learning experiences with personalized attention for each student. We pride ourselves on how well we individualize our students’ learning: rather than expect a child to fit themselves to us, we fit ourselves around each student.


Support for Strengths and Differences

Through our open, inclusive environment we foster respect for strengths and differences. We stand committed to diversity in all its forms, and to equity and inclusion for everyone in our community and the world beyond.

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