At Quad Prep, we meaningfully integrate social and emotional learning into all aspects of our students’ day-to-day experiences of school.


This integration of social, emotional, and academic learning permeates everything we do: from our classrooms to our collaborative teaching teams, from our curriculum to our school leadership and our professional development programs.


In fact, our approach to social and emotional integration has become a model for twice-exceptional education worldwide. Learn more about how it transforms our students’ experience of school:

Collaborative Classrooms

Each day, when they step into the classroom, our Quad Prep students find a dedicated interdisciplinary team of academic teachers and clinically trained psychosocial teachers, who partner together in closely-knit teams to support each student’s growth. Together, they look holistically at each student’s growth and learning, understanding their unique strengths and offering them customized tools and strategies to grow in areas of challenge. Our psychosocial teachers are embedded in the classroom throughout the day, and they coach students as they carry out strategies developed with their clinical team. Each week, our academic, clinical, and related services teams sit down together for dedicated meetings to review student growth, discuss support strategies, and align a cohesive learning experience for each student in the week to come. Our teams regularly touch base with our students’ families to collaborate and integrate learning and support at home and at school. And each month, these teams sit down with parents for a meeting to talk over each students’ academic, social, and emotional growth and well-being. If our parents would like, we welcome outside providers to join in these monthly meetings, too.

Our Curriculum

Social and emotional learning is fully integrated into the curriculum of our whole school. Whether in a music ensemble, a humanities course, or a science classroom, our faculty fold social thinking and social cognitive teaching strategies into each unit of study. This integration of social and emotional awareness supports student growth in these areas, and it also allows students to deepen their engagement and understanding of complex academic concepts by expanding their lenses and perspectives, and offering them more multifaceted tools to explore and express their thinking.

Professional Education and Training

We know that our students learn best when they receive cohesive and fully integrated support for their academic, social, and emotional growth. And our faculty and clinical staff are not only experts in their fields, they are also adept at engaging with diverse cross-disciplinary strategies and approaches. We structure our professional development programs at Quad Prep so that every member of our team — from academic teachers to clinicians, psychosocial teachers to related services providers — receives the same training and continuing education in all areas of twice-exceptional learning. Certification Program in Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional Children In addition to our regular and ongoing professional development opportunities, we also offer, in partnership with the 2e Study Center, a Certificate in Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional Children, a rigorous and comprehensive year-long professional certification program that includes robust study of all aspects of twice-exceptional learning, including social cognition and emotional learning. We fully cover the tuition for any Quad Prep staff member who is admitted to this competitive program. Breakthroughs in Twice-Exceptional Education This annual national conference in NYC, hosted by The Quad Preparatory School and various partners, brings together educators, clinicians and parents to allow each group to broaden their practice to reflect the integrated needs of twice-exceptional students.

Our Leadership

This integration of academic, social and emotional learning is reflected in the leadership model of our school, where experts in academic instruction partner with experts in clinical and social-emotional practice to lead each division, and our multidisciplinary Executive Leadership Team offers authentic co-leadership.