In developing a new twice-exceptional school model, the concept of breaking down the silos of the educator and the clinician is foundational.  It allows us to transform education for our students by purposefully and meaningfully integrating academic, social and emotional learning. Integration occurs all day, every day. Please visit each Quad Prep division’s page to learn more about how this is designed for varying stages of student development and education. 


Integration of Professional Education and Training

We believe that in order to train ideal professionals to meet the needs of twice-exceptional students, higher education needs to reform and eliminate the artificial separation inherent in university departments of education, psychiatry, clinical psychology, and related therapies. Our ultimate goal is to train hybrid professionals prepared to meet the diverse needs of 2e students. Until this occurs, school-wide professional development and training processes need to be intentionally reworked.  In partnership with the 2e Study Center at The Quad, The Quad Preparatory School engages in the following activities.

School Wide Professional Development and Training: All staff – academic and clinical/psychosocial –  receive the same training and plan each week together.

The Certification Program in Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional Children:  The Certificate Program is a year-long program designed to create the backbone of a Higher Education Graduate Program that fully integrates disciplines to meet the needs of twice-exceptional children.

Breakthroughs in Twice-Exceptional Education: This annual national conference in NYC is hosted by The Quad Preparatory School and various partners, whose mission is to bring together educators, clinicians and parents to allow for each group to broaden their practice to reflect the integrated needs of twice-exceptional students.


Integration of Leadership

No one traditional model of school leadership suffices to develop and oversee a truly integrated program.  Thus, leadership at our school is shared equally between an expert in academic instruction and an expert in clinical and social-emotional practice.  A multidisciplinary Executive Leadership Team is empowered to assist in actualizing the goal of true, authentic co-leadership.


Protected Time for Integrated and Collaborative Efforts

Students are dismissed for a half-day on Fridays to protect time for required, crucial collaboration taking place in psychosocial meetings between clinicians and academic staff. To further support our collaborative and integrated approach, monthly calls are scheduled and held between each family and a student’s team at Quad Prep throughout the entire school year. Outside providers are also encouraged to join at parents’ invitation in order to best support students in developing towards psychosocial and academic goals across contexts.