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Your child’s education, social development, emotional needs, and mental health are as important to you as they are to us. We aim to be as thorough as possible in addressing questions and concerns we think you may have. You are also always welcome to contact us directly by emailing info@quadprep.org or calling 646-649-3913.

What children do you serve?

The Quad Preparatory School serves twice-exceptional Children (2e) - that is, those who are intellectually advanced or have high academic potential (which is sometimes called “gifted”) and who ALSO have learning and/or social-emotional differences that require a flexible, creative learning environment. Children at Quad Prep may carry a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, specific learning disability, anxiety and/or mood disorders. That said, our unique integrated model founded on gifted and special education, and clinical best practice truly sets us apart in our expertise in social cognition, executive functioning and educational engagement.

Is there an IQ cutoff for consideration of admission?

While our programs are designed for children who are cognitively gifted, we do not believe in any one way to assess our children’s academic potential and cognitive skills. Instead, we look at many types of information in considering applications for admissions, including neuropsychological testing, school progress reports, narratives from specialists, parent interviews, school observations at your child’s current school (if needed) and a visit to our school by your child.

Is there any child for whom The Quad would NOT be appropriate?

Quad Prep is a special educational setting specifically designed for twice-exceptional children. Quad Prep is not able to support children who are persistently physically aggressive or that need what has classically been described as a “therapeutic school” (which is a more restrictive setting). Additionally, Quad Prep is not able to support students with Substance Use Disorders.

What type of funding do you accept?

Quad Prep families have successfully sued for Carter funding. When possible, we welcome families who may qualify for Connors funding. Please consult an experienced attorney who specializes in Special Education for more information about Carter and Connors funding and eligibility.

What related clinical services do you offer onsite?

Quad Prep has a unique model where social cognition and executive functioning skill development are fully integrated into all curricula and activities. Additionally, we offer onsite individual and group Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Counseling (by our doctoral level school psychologists and mental health counselors). Our clinicians dedicate specific blocks of time to conduct parent and outside provider conferences (once monthly, at minimum) and they coach all teachers to carry out clinical goals.

What do you mean by strength-based emphasis? How do you also work on challenges?

What we see first and foremost are our students’ vast strengths, and we believe that their intense creativity and gifts can change the world one day. Our model of individual instruction is designed specifically to meet our students’ cognitive and academic strengths. We teach children to respect themselves and others — quirks and all — and encourage them to recognize that behind their challenges they also possess enormous strength. We use strengths to empower children to work on challenges. Seeking out increasingly challenging tasks is desirable and a goal in its own right. Thus, we build resiliency — a quality that is generalizable to any situation they may encounter when they leave our doors.