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Virtue of Transition Planning for Twice-Exceptional Learners

The transition to adulthood is a developmental process, in which children develop aptitude and comfort with many different life skills, steadily over time. For our twice-exceptional students, the transition process can be arduous. This might be because of our students’ unique wiring. We often notice asynchronies in terms of how difficult things are for them to learn and what they are ready to learn when. Our students may have compensated effectively in elementary school, while they may not have been learning skills needed later in life. As they grow older, and expectations increase, they find themselves needing to backfill. What this indicates is that our students require a personalized approach while preparing for the transition to adulthood. 


The Cloverleaf transition program bridges the gap between school and the “real world”; college or workforce. We do this by preparing our students and their families for the changes and shifts associated with these big life transitions. Building on the Talent Development opportunities in the Lower School, the Cloverleaf program is introduced at the Upper School.


Cloverleaf Transition Program

This all-encompassing program that functions seamlessly with our Talent Development and College Counseling programs. Cloverleaf is uniquely designed for each individual student. The program also alleviates the anxiety surrounding the question of, “What’s next?” Stemming from evidence-based transition planning methodology, students take charge of their learning on the path to college and career readiness. 


Student-led Collaboration

Transition planning is student-led in close collaboration with family members and the fully integrated Quad Prep team. Students create specific and action-oriented transition goals that utilize their interests, strengths, and possible areas for growth, aligned with their post-secondary aspirations. Students’ transition goals build independent skills for academic learning, executive functioning skills, daily living skills, self-advocacy, leadership, and college and career readiness.


Program Infrastructure and Guiding Principles

There is no “one size fits all” approach to transition planning. Each student in collaboration with their family and Cloverleaf Team creates a unique and individualized transition plan that is in line with their strengths, interests, areas for improvement, and post-secondary visions. While working with the information expressed in individual plans, Cloverleaf adds particular emphasis to several primary transition areas that are integrated into each student’s school environment and schedule:

Elements of Cloverleaf Transition Planning

  • Student-Centered & Backward Planning Transition Methodology

  • Family Involvement and Dynamic Collaboration

  • Practical Life Skill Development 

  • Self Advocacy Skill Building: 

    • Explicit Self-Determined Learning

    • Self-Advocacy Training

  • Career Exploration and Readiness

  • College Counseling

Quad Prep College Acceptances

Some of the colleges our students have been accepted to include:

  • Adelphi University

  • Boston University Kilachand Honors

  • Brandeis University

  • Buffalo State University

  • Carleton College

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • Case Western University

  • Champlain College

  • Connecticut College

  • Cooper Union Engineering


  • CUNY Brooklyn College

  • CUNY City Tech  

  • CUNY College of Staten Island

  • CUNY Hunter College

  • CUNY John Jay College

  • CUNY Kingsborough Community College

  • CUNY Macaulay Honors College

  • CUNY Queens College

  • Drexel University College of Engineering 

  • Eastern University

  • Fordham University Honors Program

  • Gettysburg College

  • Ithaca College

  • Lafayette College

  • Landmark College

  • Manhattanville College

  • Marymount College

  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

  • Northwestern University

  • NYU Tandon School of Engineering

  • Pace University    

  • Ramapo College of New Jersey  

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Rutgers School of Engineering

  • Sarah Lawrence College

  • School of Visual Arts

  • Skidmore College

  • SUNY Binghamton Engineering

  • SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

  • SUNY Maritime College

  • SUNY New Paltz

  • SUNY Purchase

  • SUNY Stony Brook Engineering Honors Program

  • SUNY University at Albany

  • SUNY University at Buffalo

  • Swarthmore College

  • Temple University

  • The New School

  • Union College

  • Vassar College

  • Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology


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