Support Twice-Exceptional Learning

Our Quad Prep Annual Appeal!

Our twice-exceptional children deserve to have their voices heard and valued, and they deserve a future where every single one of their gifts has a place. Every gift to our Annual Fund is an investment in this future for our twice-exceptional children.


Our Annual Fund ensures that we can grow and strengthen our most essential programs and bring our educational values to life within and beyond our classrooms.

With support from every member of our community — our parents, families, supporters, staff, and friends — we ensure that our students discover new interests, explore their passions, dive deeply into their academic pursuits, and receive the caring support they need to step into their full gifts and thrive. 


Through our Annual Fund, we all come together to make a difference.

With support from our Annual Fund:


  • We are invigorating our personalized learning program with new resources, energy, and creativity — because we know that personalized learning invites our 2e students to rise into their curiosity, deep gifts, and innovative perspectives. 


  • We are investing now more than ever in our professional development for our staff, launching and enhancing a series of programs to support their professional growth — because we know that the strength and expertise of our team lies at the foundation of our students’ learning and wellbeing. 


  • And we are expanding on our community’s involvement in diversity, equity, and inclusion — because we know that our work in DEI is both a cornerstone value of our school and the pathway forward into our future.


Every family at Quad Prep has a story of their child’s journey: each one has a different shape, with a different combination of roadblocks and speed bumps. These stories share, though, a common thread: at Quad Prep, our children experience together — often for the first time — the joy of learning and the support that nurtures them along the way.


Thank you for your support for our Quad Prep Annual Fund this year!


Founder's Circle members are vitally important partners who ensure that the Quad Preparatory School continues to thrive and grow. We are proud to offer members of our Founder's Circle special opportunities dependent on their level of support, and recognition in our annual report. Please contact our Advancement Office to learn more about our Founder’s Circle and make your leadership gift.

VISIONARY  $75,000 and Up

LEADER   $50,000 - $74,999

INNOVATOR   $25,000 - $49,999

BENEFACTOR   $10,000 - $24,999

SUPPORTER   $5,000 - $9,999


We appreciate every donation we receive no matter the amount because it is a vote of support to continue what we do! The members of our Dragon's circle are recognized within our community.


BUILDER  $1,000 - $4,999


PARTNER   $500 - $999


PATRON   $100 - $499


FRIEND   Up to $99