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Celebrating over 10 years of...


Bright, Bold, and Limitless

The Quad Preparatory School transforms the lives of twice-exceptional people by redefining the experience of school. 

For over ten years, our groundbreaking personalized model has integrated social and emotional learning with challenging academics, empowering our students to rise to the level of their extraordinary talents. 

From three students in the basement of a synagogue in the East Village to over 240 students across two custom-designed campuses in the Financial District, we are leading the charge towards a bright future for twice-exceptional people and society at large.

Find your place in the Quad Prep story!

 “[Our child] looks forward to every day at Quad Prep. She leaves promptly and happily in the morning and comes out smiling. Your time and attention to her unique needs is greatly appreciated.  It makes such a difference in our lives.”

 “What's so exciting to me about Quad Prep is not just the incredible education that it's giving to the students here.  What's exciting to me beyond that is that Quad Prep is pioneering an entirely new way of thinking about how we educate neuro diverse students, and that impact on the larger world of education really matters.”


“School and education in much as it's possible, should be happy experiences. That's how you develop lifelong learners. And that's why we couldn't be happier here at Quad Prep. It feels like it's just the beginning of a lifetime of academic and social success.”

 "All the kids have incredibly inventive ways of looking at problems. 20 years from now, these are the people who are going to be solving the world’s problems. Knowing that they’re in a supportive environment that gets them is huge!"

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