In 2013, three twice-exceptional (2e) students – gifted children with learning differences – were in desperate need of a school that would not fail them. They needed a school that would both nurture their academic gifts and provide them with support to address their special needs. They needed a school that could meet them where they were, instead of insisting that they conform to preconceived notions of what students should be. Simply put, they needed The Quad Preparatory School. Every single day at the Quad Preparatory School, we strive to fulfill our mission of transforming the lives of twice-exceptional students – gifted children with learning differences – by redefining the experience of school.


We strive for 2equality.


Quad Prep’s unparalleled and personalized model fully integrates social and emotional learning with engaging academics, allowing students to equally nurture academic gifts and receive the supports they need to address their special needs. Through a vigorous and constant commitment to the integration of academics and social-emotional learning, It’s never an “either or” proposition at the Quad Prep. The result is  incredible things which can be seen – in ways both big and small – in our classrooms and in the daily lives of our students beyond school.


We are reaching those beyond our community.

Over the past six years, the demand for the type of innovative education we offer at Quad Prep has only grown and we are doing everything we can to respond to that need without compromising the quality and the individualized approach we provide to every single student in our community.


Thanks to generous financial support to date and our continued efforts to raise the bar, next year the Quad Prep will open our state-of-the-art Upper School at 19 Cedar Street, right around the corner from our current home at 25 Pine Street, which will continue to house our Early Childhood and Lower School Divisions. We will also continue to expand our footprint through our 2e certificate program and annual conference, Breakthroughs in Twice-Exceptional Education, ensuring more students, families, educators, and communities can benefit from the model Quad Prep is pioneering.


We can only do this together. 

Just like our students, the potential for what we can do is limitless and we committed to doing whatever we can to unleash it. Join us in this inspiring journey by supporting our gala which is our biggest and most important annual fundraising event. Let’s ensure a bright future for our children, our school and this incredible community we have built together.

Tickets are available to purchase in early April

If you are interested in Sponsorship or a Donation for the Auction, please contact galaauction@quadprep.org.

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2e | Adjective
Unique; Outside-of-the-box; Innovative; Super Bright; Iconoclastic; Creative; Intensely Curious; Bold; Twice-Exceptional; ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY