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The Founder’s Gala 

The Quad Preparatory School Founder's Gala

Celebrating 10 Years of Innovative Learning


Thursday, May 11, 2023


Tavern on the Green

Each year a generous community of supporters come together to transform the experience of education for gifted, neurodiverse students — children whose innovation and intellect promise to spark meaningful change in our world.

We look forward to seeing you for this year's festive and lively 10th anniversary gala celebration at Tavern on the Green in Central Park! There are many opportunities to get involved and lend your support as we transform the experience of education for gifted, neurodiverse students. Please reach out to us at to learn more.


At the Quad Prep Founder’s Gala, sponsors, guests, and community members come together to ignite meaningful opportunities for learning for neurodiverse, twice-exceptional children.

A pioneer in neurodiverse education, for ten years The Quad Preparatory School has served gifted, neurodiverse K-12 students who think and learn differently (called twice-exceptional or 2e). With their innovative perspectives and intelligence, 2e children have enormous potential to make a difference in the world, and yet their neurodiversity means that they are all too often left behind in a conventional learning environment. Quad Prep is changing education not only for its own students, but also, through its outreach and programs, for twice-exceptional students and diverse learners nationwide. Together, we are redefining the experience of school and reinventing neurodiverse education so that all students have the opportunity to thrive.


Stephanie Hodor

David Orr

Jason Pike


Alan Car
Raymond Chan
Emily Chu

Harini Chundu

Vicki Elkins

Martha Fortune
Ruthie Hecht


Geoffrey Hsu
Jessica Kamel
Farzam Kamel

Andreas Lazar

Elanna Lazar

Courtney Levinsohn

Paul Levinsohn

Marcus Mabry
Lisa Mahle

Mark McFadden

Andrew Moth

Deborah Muro

Rachel O’Connor
Shari Reichenberg

About our 2022 Gala Honorees

210416 HANNAH GADSBY_LOOK 2_0211-min.jpg
Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby is an acclaimed and Emmy-award winning speaker, writer, and comedian, and a strong voice in support of neurodiverse individuals. Her solo show Nanette redefined the comedic form, and in her subsequent solo show Douglas, she discussed her autism diagnosis and “[let] the world see the view from [her] brain — one that sees the world differently but with breathtaking clarity.” Hannah is the author of the new book Ten Steps to Nanette and is currently on tour with her new stand up show Body of Work. Through her contributions in the arts and her writing on neurodiversity, Hannah has had a positive impact for neurodiverse individuals across the world, making a significant difference for twice-exceptional students, who, like Hannah, “see the world differently but with breathtaking clarity.”

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Evelyn Yang.jpeg
Evelyn Yang

Evelyn Yang is a leader and advocate for neuroinclusivity nationwide. Through her deep commitment, from the campaign trail to her speaking and philanthropic work, Evelyn has helped foster greater awareness and inclusion for neurodiverse individuals, ensuring that neurodiverse voices have a place at every table, and comfortable sensory spaces in airports, stadiums, and entertainment venues nationwide. Through her work, Evelyn has had an indelible impact on the lives of countless neurodiverse children and families. Evelyn serves as a partner not only for The Quad Preparatory School, but also in service of our larger mission to create a future where all neurodiverse individuals have opportunities to learn, grow, and bring their full gifts into the world.

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 Thanks to our 2022 SPONSORS!






James and Jill Cornell Family Fund

Eric Kaplan and Melissa Sawyer

Verona Carpenter Architects

Susan and Stephen Jess

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