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The Quad Preparatory School Founder's Gala

Thursday, May 09, 2024


Tavern on the Green

Each year a generous community of supporters come together to transform the experience of education for gifted, neurodiverse students — children whose innovation and intellect promise to spark meaningful change in our world.

We look forward to seeing you for this year's festive and lively gala celebration at Tavern on the Green in Central Park! There are many opportunities to get involved and lend your support as we transform the experience of education for gifted, neurodiverse students. Please reach out to us at to learn more.


At the Quad Prep Founder’s Gala, sponsors, guests, and community members come together to ignite meaningful opportunities for learning for neurodiverse, twice-exceptional children.

A pioneer in neurodiverse education, for over ten years The Quad Preparatory School has served gifted, neurodiverse K-12 students who think and learn differently (called twice-exceptional or 2e). With their innovative perspectives and intelligence, 2e children have enormous potential to make a difference in the world, and yet their neurodiversity means that they are all too often left behind in a conventional learning environment. Quad Prep is changing education not only for its own students, but also, through its outreach and programs, for twice-exceptional students and diverse learners nationwide. Together, we are redefining the experience of school and reinventing neurodiverse education so that all students have the opportunity to thrive.


Stephanie Hodor

David Orr

Jason Pike


Alan Carr
Raymond Chan
Emily Chu
Harini Chundu

Vicki Elkins

Martha Fortune
Ruthie Hecht


Geoffrey Hsu
Jessica Kamel
Farzam Kamel
Andreas Lazar

Elanna Lazar

Courtney Levinsohn

Paul Levinsohn

Marcus Mabry
Lisa Mahle

Mark McFadden

Andrew Moth

Deborah Muro

Rachel O’Connor
Shari Reichenberg

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About our 2023 Gala Honorees


EY has long been a leader in workplace neuroinclusion. Since founding its Neuro-Diverse Centers for Excellence in 2016, EY’s program has served as a cutting-edge talent model for building an innovative workforce. Now with nineteen Neuro-Diverse Centers for Excellence worldwide, including seven in the US and twelve globally, EY has exemplified the intersection of transformation and purpose as inclusion drives innovation at the firm. Through their leadership, EY’s neurodiversity initiatives serve as a model and inspiration for countless organizations across the globe. This year, the World Economic Forum recognized EY’s Neuro-Diverse Centers for Excellence as a Global Lighthouse among impactful diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Through their enduring commitment to neurodiversity, EY has transformed the professional experiences and opportunities for neurodistinct professionals worldwide.


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Zhara Astra.png
Zhara Astra

Zhara Astra is an acclaimed filmmaker and a breakout spokesperson for neurodivergent individuals globally. After discovering she was on the autism spectrum with ADHD as an adult, Zhara committed herself to helping other women better understand themselves and their own potential neurodivergences. Through international public speaking engagements from Rio de Janeiro to Stanford University, Zhara compassionately educates and equips neurotypical communities as they become more neuroinclusive. Committed to education, Zhara developed and teaches the first university course in the world on understanding neurodiverse women. Most recently, Zhara produced two groundbreaking documentary films on neurodiversity, in which she interviewed the world’s leading neuropsychologists, doctors, and scientists. From the cinema to the classroom, Zhara’s mission to amplify the voices of neurodivergent individuals is empowering individuals across the globe.

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 Thanks to our 2023 SPONSORS!






Andrew & Evelyn Yang

Emily Chu & Geoffrey Hsu

John Ashmead

Joseph Sindelar

Kelly Keenan & Justin Trumpbour

Molly Gochman & Michael Armilio

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