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New Sensory Tools Reduce Stress for Students

This year, The Quad Preparatory School acquired Relaxus Products for sensory input toys and tools that are being used by the Occupational Therapy (OT) team as well as by students in classrooms to help them reduce stress and feel comfortable in their bodies.

One student using a foam rollers said they felt, "really relaxed and ready to learn."

The OT team uses the products as sensory tools to help students awaken sensory receptors and reduce stress while they learn strategies to calm and focus. OT Kristin Birnbaum says the tools support students to feel comfortable and more available to learn.

"[Students] find the tools super helpful when used in a purposeful way," Birnbaum said.

Other tools used at Quad Prep include:

  • Exersit Air Cushions for disruption-less movement while seated

  • Foam Rollers

  • 3D Amaze Balls

  • AcuReflex Massage Balls

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