At Quad Prep, our students embrace their passions, grow their strengths, and launch their futures. Our Talent Development Program invites students to explore an interest, become a leader, connect with professionals across different fields, and look ahead to the many exciting opportunities ahead for them in college and in their careers.


We invite students of all ages to find their voices and explore their talents.

Enriching Learning

Our students explore their interests and grow in their unique talents through our personalized curriculum and our elective and enrichment courses. Students of all ages have opportunities to select the electives and learning experiences that engage and challenge them in their own curiosities and talents. Early Elementary and Lower School
Our Early Elementary and Lower School students engage in electives and enrichment programs in art, theater, music, movement, technology, world languages, debate, design and build, and many more — with lots of opportunities to try new electives throughout the year. Upper School
In Upper School, students dive deeply into their areas of interest. Our Upper School students find dynamic opportunities to challenge themselves academically, cultivate deep and well-rounded knowledge and perspective, and develop their talents in advanced math, history, language arts, science, coding and technology, applied engineering, world languages, music, art, and movement, and more. They pursue advanced and rigorous academic study that prepares them for college and for their future careers. Learn more about this year’s elective offerings in our Upper School Electives Course Catalogue.

Growing Leaders

Our twice-exceptional students are tomorrow’s leaders, and we invite them to grow and learn about themselves as leaders at Quad Prep. Our project-based approach to learning allows our students to lead in the classrooms, as they collaborate to realize collective goals and solve collective problems. Students also step into leadership roles outside our classrooms, spearheading extracurricular programs and projects inspired by their passions and interests, and getting involved in our dynamic clubs and student organizations. In our Upper School, students grow into increasingly responsible roles as leaders, shaping the life of our school as leaders on the Student Council, creating impactful media through our Quad Prep News channel, stepping up as mentors for our younger students, and launching and leading extracurricular programs.

Connecting with the World, Exploring the Future

At Quad Prep, our students connect meaningfully with the world around them. Through our visiting speaker series, they get to know and learn from real-world leaders and professionals from diverse fields in business and technology, science and engineering, government and the arts. Students also travel off-campus to pursue knowledge and experience in various disciplines. Inspired by what they’ve discovered, our students often pursue internships — including opportunities at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Summer and School Year Program, the ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) HS Mentor Program, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, and more. We link students with mentors who partner with them as they cultivate their own unique career interests — and discover the pathways forward to their academic and professional goals. For our Upper School students, our Cloverleaf Transition Program offers wholistic support for students and families as they navigate their journey to college and explore the myriad possibilities that await them in their academic studies and careers.