The term “talent development” can be defined as building the knowledge, skills and abilities of students with the goal of helping them access and develop their full potential in their areas of interest while utilizing their strengths. The Talent Development Program at Quad Prep takes on many forms between Upper and Lower School divisions, all of which construct the basis of the many curricular extensions that merge school work with “real life” career work. 



Each Friday, Lower School students attend chosen elective classes such as art, music, movement, Dungeons and Dragons, technology, Spanish, Italian, STEAM, and more to come in the upcoming semester. Electives allow students to explore interests with peers from other classes, while furthering opportunities for social emotional growth.



Enrichment courses run independently throughout the school day or as extensions of coursework. These courses include but are not limited to: advanced math, advanced science, extra foreign language courses, and advanced coding and technology.


Mentee Opportunities

Upper School students serve as mentors to Lower School students by visiting the Lower School campus and working together on academic coursework, or exploring an area of specific interest or talent to pursue. The mentors also help lower school students transition from one division to the next.


STEAM Room and Nature Center 

In the Lower School, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) come to life in The Quad Nature Center. This unique space contains manipulatives such as math games, base ten blocks, curriculum resources, a species identification series, building materials, and creative making materials. This room also houses our live animals including species like a Russian tortoise, hermit crabs, lizards, and an Albino Corn Snake. 


Guest Speakers & Real World Professionals

Members of the community visit our campus to work with our students and speak on behalf of areas of student interest such as musicians, performers, acrobats, chess masters, scientists and many other professionals. Students also travel off-campus to pursue knowledge and experience in various disciplines. Museums, art galleries, performances, and scientific data sites are some of the many places we visit. Read More


Internships & Post-Secondary Transition Planning

The Cloverleaf transition program bridges the gap between school and the “real world”; college or workforce. We do this by preparing our students and their families for the changes and shifts associated with these big life transitions. Building on the Talent Development opportunities in the Lower School, the Cloverleaf program is introduced at the Upper School. READ MORE


Internships range from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Summer and School Year program to the ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) HS Mentor Program, as well as our partnership with The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science which affords students the chance to participate in STEM Days, Summer STEM and STEM Saturday, all provide a “real world” component to learning by linking students with teachers and mentors outside of the school to help foster their unique career interests.


Those interested in a more focused employment approach take on apprenticeships which provide paid on-on-the-job training in areas like carpentry, healthcare and food service.


For students who are still exploring career interests, job shadowing can provide an opportunity to view employees at work in areas of consideration for post-secondary employment.