Our kids have too frequently been identified by their challenges (i.e., difficulty with executive functioning or with social cognition) instead of by their areas of strength (i.e., curiosity and strong interests), their gifts and their talents.

Parents of twice-exceptional children often find themselves choosing between two sets of needs: keeping their children in settings that will challenge their enormous potential (i.e., rigorous independent school settings) or moving them to places where they can receive appropriate support in dealing with their challenges (i.e., special education settings), but where their gifts and talents languish. This is an impossible choice where education stalls and psychosocial well-being suffers.

Quad Prep provides students with the opportunity to capitalize on their strengths and further develop their passions while receiving empathic support and empowerment to cope with their challenges.

We believe that social and emotional learning expertise lies in clinical practice, and so we strive to “raise up” those children whose social cognition, anxiety, executive functioning and self-esteem may have been eroded due to prior school experiences insufficient for their needs.

The Quad Preparatory School is an open, inclusive environment designed to foster respect for strengths and differences. We pride ourselves on how well we individualize attention: rather than expect a child to fit us, we fit ourselves around each of our students.

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