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Accreditation is Underway

The Quad Preparatory school has been accepted as a provisional member of NYSAIS (New York State Association of Independent Schools). NYSAIS is a voluntary association of 196 independent nursery, elementary, and secondary schools enrolling over 83,000 students. It is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the New York State Coalition for Independent and Religious Schools. In addition to providing evaluation and accreditation of member schools, NYSAIS offers extensive professional learning opportunities and gives access to a rich network of professionals peers in New York City and beyond.

Now that the school is a member, it has been invited to begin the process that will lead to NYSAIS accreditation. This process must be completed in five years (or less) and involves a self-study of all aspects of the school and community.

Self-study chairs, Emily Vizza, Director of Related Services and Supervising Speech Language Pathologist, and Amelia Lanza, Upper School Teacher, and have developed our self-study team who will share more information about the process in the coming weeks and months.

"Congratulations to our talented, dedicated staff and Board of Directors whose tireless work has enabled us to reach this extremely important milestone!" said Founder, Kim Busi.

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