Our Quad Prep families are part of an incredibly warm and supportive parent community. Just as our students form close bonds and friendships, our parents often discover lifelong friends among their fellow Quad Prep parents. This strong spirit of connection permeates our families’ experiences as they gather together for school potlucks and gatherings, informal get-togethers and class playdates. We love sharing in our families’ journeys and celebrating special milestones together as we cheer on all of our Quad Prep children!


Many of our Quad Prep parents also enjoy getting involved in the life of our school community, volunteering through our Parent Association, hosting social gatherings for fellow families, serving on committees, or helping out with special events and projects. Our community is so grateful for the involvement and generous support of all families, and we appreciate your time, resources, ideas, and financial contributions. If you would like to volunteer, we have a wide range of opportunities. If you have an idea, or a special talent, skill or interest you’d like to share, please let us know!


Quad Prep has been a leader in the field of twice-exceptional education for nearly a decade. Each year Quad Prep co-presents the Breakthroughs Conference in Twice-Exceptional Education, in partnership with the 2e Study Center.


This three-day conference offers all our Quad Prep families a dynamic opportunity to connect with experts, educators, and 2e individuals and families from across the country to learn about the latest research and best practices in the 2e community. We invite our parents to join us for a front-row seat for this annual experience. Parents are also welcome to volunteer to support the many facets of this exciting landmark conference in the 2e field.


You can learn about the Breakthroughs Conference here and contact us to talk more!