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Support Twice-Exceptional Futures

Thank you for your support for our Quad Prep Annual Fund this year!

This year, the opportunities to make a difference are bright, bold, and limitless. 


Together we celebrate the ten years of innovative twice-exceptional learning at Quad Prep. As the past ten years have shown, our students thrive when they experience an education that is as exceptional as they are: one that supports, nourishes, and inspires them. This year, every gift to our Decennial Fund in support of the annual appeal is an investment in the bright future of our students!


At Quad Prep, our children experience the joy of learning and the support that nurtures them along the way. Our families express the life-changing impact that the school has had for them and for their children. For ten years we have pioneered an innovative and effective new approach to learning for twice-exceptional students. With your commitment to our Decennial Fund, we can launch the next decade neuroinclusive education and a bright future for our students.

The Decennial Society honors those who make a special gift of $100,000 and above to the Quad Prep Decennial Fund during this 10th Anniversary year.


When you join the Decennial Society, you become a crucial partner in uplifting Quad Prep students today, and in helping to build a neuroinclusive future. Together, our Decennial Society is launching a strong and vibrant next decade of innovative, twice-exceptional learning at Quad Prep.


To join in this important impact and become a member of the Decennial Society this year, please contact

We’d be delighted to help facilitate your Leadership gift!


Please reach out to the Advancement Office to coordinate:

Explore the different ways you can support Quad Prep Annual Fund this year!

Should you elect to give a recurring gift to Quad Prep, please note that you can cancel your recurring donation at any time by emailing

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