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Be The Spark!

Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 7:00pm EST

To be held remotely


Join us for a festive and lively evening of connection, engagement, and support for neurodiverse education featuring Honoree Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and Awardees Dr. Temple Grandin and Quad Prep Nurse Andrea Dalzell, BSN, RN.


At the Founder’s Gala, a generous community comes together every year to Be the Spark! and help transform the experience of education for gifted, neurodiverse students — students whose innovation and intellect promise to Spark meaningful change in our world!


Since we will be at home but “virtually together,” this event is for the entire family!

You can select your tickets and register for this year’s gala here.


There are many wonderful opportunities to join in this year’s celebration!

Individual and Family Tickets

Individual and Family Benefactor: $2,500

  • 4 households to attend the event, deluxe family gala gift baskets mailed to up to 4 households, complementary Breakthroughs Conference passes, names acknowledged on the Quad Prep website for a year and at the gala, special message from your family in the online gala program.
Sparkle Family Tickets: $1,000
  • 2 households to attend the event, complementary Breakthroughs Conference passes for 4 adults, family gala gift baskets mailed to 2 households, special message from your family in the online gala program.
Gala Tickets: $400
  • 1 household to attend the event and gala gift baskets mailed to 1 household.

A Note for Our Quad Prep Families:

We welcome all of our Quad Prep families to join us for the gala! Reduced rate tickets are available for families of Quad Prep students for whom this would be helpful. All inquiries are confidential. Please contact us at development@quadprep.org and we can help make arrangements for your gala ticket(s).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring this year’s gala? Contact development@quadprep.org or visit our sponsorship page to learn more!


At the Quad Prep Founder’s Gala, we invite sponsors, guests, and community members to “Be the Spark!” and ignite meaningful opportunities for learning for neurodiverse, twice-exceptional children.


This year’s festive and lively (online) gala features opportunities to connect and engage, fun and dynamic entertainment, and a meaningful opportunity to “spark!” change.


A pioneer in neurodiverse education, The Quad Preparatory School serves gifted students with learning and social differences (called twice-exceptional or 2e). With their innovative perspectives and intelligence, 2e children have enormous potential to contribute to the world, and yet their neurodiversity means that they are all too often left behind in a conventional learning environment. Quad Prep is changing education not only for its own students, but also, through its outreach and programs, for twice-exceptional students and diverse learners nationwide. Quad Prep is redefining the experience of school and reinventing neurodiverse education so that all students have the opportunity to thrive.

Interested in getting involved in our 2021 gala? We’d love to connect!

You can reach us at: 



Alan Carr, Managing Member, Drivetrain, LLC

Mark McFadden, New York Managing Director, CCMP Capital


Jennifer Carpenter

Livia Cheung

Harini Chundu

Vicki Elkins

Ruthie Hecht

Alyssa Hertzig

Greg Hertzig

Stephanie Hodor

Elanna Lazar
Marcus Mabry

Andrew Moth

Deborah Muro

Rachel O’Connor

Vera Oliva

Eric Sheridan

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