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Our Educational Philosophy

We believe that twice-exceptional students are uniquely poised to make an impact on the world. They are our future innovators and inventors, our future leaders and change-makers. Our approach to learning ignites their curiosity, rigor, and engagement.
We purposefully and meaningfully integrate academic, social, and emotional learning — in our classrooms, our curriculum, and our collaborative cross-disciplinary teaching teams. This approach allows our students to grow in their social and emotional cognition and to deepen their understanding and perspective in their academic work.

Through our open, inclusive environment we foster respect for strengths and differences. We stand committed to diversity in all its forms, and to equity and inclusion for everyone in our community and the world beyond.


Related Student Services

The delivery of related services varies by individual student needs, as well as by division. 

In our Lower School, services are provided both in the context of small group or individual sessions, as well as integrated at other times through the school day. Students visit various teachers and clinicians in targeted, integrated instructional learning groups in and outside of the classroom.

As students approach 5th grade and near the transition into our Upper School division, services often shift to focus on functional, context-based competencies that will prepare them for experiences in a variety of environments; Upper School services are largely integrated into academic seminars and elective classes in order to provide natural opportunities for skill building in nuanced situations. 

Services in the Lower and Upper School programs may integrate between therapies, such as an occupational therapist and speech-language pathologist leading a combined social learning and OT group, which we call CoT.

Social & Emotional Growth

At Quad Prep, we meaningfully integrate social and emotional learning into all aspects of our students’ day-to-day experiences of school.

This integration of social, emotional, and academic learning permeates everything we do: from our classrooms to our collaborative teaching teams, from our curriculum to our school leadership and our professional development programs.

Our approach to social and emotional integration has become a model for twice-exceptional education worldwide. Learn more about how it transforms our students’ experience of school:

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