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The daily routine in our Early Elementary program begins with small group transitional materials such as building and construction, library, and art. A curriculum theme-based question of the day and subsequent discussion is the central focus of morning meeting, along with topics that orient students for the day that lies ahead, including outlining the plan for our day, calendar and weather review, happenings in our classroom and school, with opportunities for student shares or a theme-based read aloud. Our morning is comprised of a specialist class (music, movement, library, or art), small group learning for literacy, math, community, and science, social learning groups and individual sessions, fine motor work through the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, dramatic play tied to themes and read alouds, practical life work to develop independence and executive functioning skills, and snack time.


Following lunch, there are opportunities for independent reading and structured social groups. On our walk to the park, we engage in noticings of our neighborhood community, and have supported pretend play and exploration at the playground. Later in the afternoon, we engage in centers-based play or small group activities involving any work that needs completion or revisiting. Our meditation time involving quiet moments and books on tape prepare our students to pack up for the day and navigate the end-of-day routine. 



Lower School students begin their day with group arrival, which may include a morning meeting or independent time to prepare for the day. The morning continues into a rotation of class periods including core academic subjects, related services, and specialist classes. During academic subjects, students receive instruction in a variety of ways, including individually, in small groups, and have independent supported work time. Specialty courses include music, art, theater, applied computing and engineering (ACE), and movement. Students attend academic group work and specialty classes in groups of three to four. 


During all prosocial moments of the day, including snack, structured recess, and lunch time, psychosocial teachers teach and facilitate lessons and activities to encourage and support social emotional learning. Members of the speech-language therapy and occupational therapy teams also bring lessons and activities surrounding social learning opportunities, mealtime routines, and food exploration to snack and lunchtime in all Lower School classrooms. 


Around midday, students continue to rotate through classes outlined in the morning routine, with science and investigative social studies (ISS) also largely taking place in the afternoon. Science may include half or full class instruction, as well as additional lab time in our STEAM room. ISS may also meet for half or full class instruction and includes hands-on projects and activities to stimulate inquiry for our ever-curious learners. 


Finally, the end of day meeting consists of routinized executive functioning support to pack up materials, sort homework when applicable, and engage in much earned “choice time” where social engagement is paired with preferred activities. 


On Fridays, students are dismissed at 12:15 PM to allow for staff collaboration and meeting time regarding integration efforts. While Fridays continue to include academic time and related services sessions, students also participate in an elective course of their choosing. Currently, the following electives are offered: 


  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Music

  • Studio Art

  • Dungeons and Dragons

  • Movement and Physical Activity

  • Applied Computing and Engineering



In the Upper School, we instill a feeling of belonging in a community as soon as the students start their school day. At 9:00, students congregate in our Student Lounge where they are greeted by staff and peers. They then transition to Homeroom, which is a time to check-in with members of personal academic and psychosocial team to plan and prioritize their day. 

The school day has 8 periods which can include, but is not limited to:

  • Language Arts

  • History

  • World Language

  • Creative and Performing Arts

  • Mathematics

  • STEM courses

  • Movement/OT

  • Counseling

  • Health and Wellness

  • Student-led electives , such as student council, video news broadcasting, cooking, Model UN

  • Supervised study hall and executive functioning support

  • Regular field trips that engage students in academic, social, and executive functioning skill building

In High School, students follow a similar schedule but with a few more additions that cultivate the skills and values that lead to post-secondary success. As a college preparatory school, a student's coursework is aligned to his or her future career interests and goals. Here students might take classes outside the school in different courses/organizations that we have partnered with. In addition to a rigorous and personalized academic schedule, students are enrolled in self-advocacy and career readiness seminars throughout their high school years. In 11th and 12th grade, students have weekly individual sessions with our college counselor supplemented by bi-weekly check-ins with their academic advisors. 

Between classes, you will find students socializing in the Student Lounge, where they can meet friends and play board games, or in the Zen Zone, where students can relax and unwind in the midst of their busy school day.  Outside the classroom, students participate in school clubs and pursue curricular extensions, such as extracurricular activities, gifted and talented programs, internships, and jobs.